Law Enforcement says think like a thief.This is the theme of a campaign to raise awareness of auto burglaries and thefts in the state of Texas. According to records, a vehicle crime is committed every two minutes in the Lone Star State. Believe it or not, criminals will go to any neighborhood to find  good opportunities and older vehicles are actually stolen more often than newer models.

To make matters worse, stolen and burglarized vehicles can be tied to almost all other criminal enterprises, including identity theft, drugs, trafficking, home invasions, contraband, even terrorism.

In 2010 reported vehicle thefts in Texas exceeded 68,000. In approximately half these cases, vehicles were unlocked and in roughly 1/3 of these instances keys were left inside. Historically July is when the most vehicle thefts and burglaries occur in Texas.

Law enforcement agencies urge you to lock your vehicles, do not leave valuables or anything in sight of criminals and be as vigilant as possible about where you park your vehicle.