The time change.  Its great once we get used to it but oh the pain until then.  This morning my dogs thought I was crazy as I was dragging them out to get the routine started, an hour early.  On top of the earlier start there was a storm brewing in the distance which made the morning even more interesting.  It is a proven fact that the first two weeks of the time change can be hazardous to your health.

Today has been especially challenging for me.  I was on school duty this morning and had to make sure I didn't miss my exit on the way back to work.  You know how it is.

Studies have shown that there is a spike in car crashes the day after the switch. Drivers are too sluggish from lack of sleep.  Other areas that are affected by the change:  Wall Street traders typically lose lots of money and the number of heart attacks increases.

Here are a few tips from to cope with change and get back to normal life:

  • Go easy on the caffeine.  A cup of coffee or two in the morning is fine, but consuming too much caffeine later in the day may make it difficult for you to sleep.
  • Don't skip breakfast.  Even if you're groggy in the AM, you need to get some fuel in your body before going to work and school.
  • Avoid heavy foods or spicy foods. Or any foods you know that may cause heartburn, making it difficult for you to sleep.
  • Don't drink too much alcohol. Over-consumption of your favorite adult beverages may cause a very restless uncomfortable night.

  • Eat cherries. Not only are they rich in vitamins, cherries contain melatonin, a substance also found in the human body that helps regulate sleep. Eating fresh or dried cherries before you go to bed at night may help you sleep better.
  • So tell me, how many times did you yawn after looking at all of these photos of people yawning?