The snow didn’t last long yesterday after a cold rain washed most of it away by afternoon. However the 1 ½ inches did last long enough for my 9 year old son to build a snowman.


It may be the only one standing in Texarkana today. He was soooo excited to see the snow but so disappointed to hear he was going to have to go to school because he knew it would not be there to build when he got home.


I told him to go outside after he ate his breakfast and before Mom called him out to get in the car. He rolled up the bottom and the middle and the head. But he said the middle was too heavy to lift onto the bottom. So when I got home from work I put it together and then he did a little decorating. It’s a dirty snowman , and not much compared to what we got to build in last year’s 3 big snows,  but hey it’s a snowman… none the less and hey we got to build it…… In this unusual winter we are thankful for yesterday morning…. Now its on to spring and Baseball!!!!!!