The Future Of Women
The picture above is of Katherine Switzer. I was not familiar with who she was until recently, but she was the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry.
What Does Body Art Say About a Woman?
If you have ever seen a tongue stud or tattoos located in different spots on their body and wondered what that means about them, here are the answers. You can read over the list below to get the scoop on what the body art says about a woman.
Study Suggests Women Are Turned Off by Men Who Smile
According to a new study, women aren't attracted to men who smile.
Researchers from the University of British Columbia had 1000 adults rate hundreds of photos of members of the opposite sex for sexual attractiveness. In the images, the models displayed a wide-range of facial expressions and pos…
Top 5 Things Women Should Never Avoid
We all have very busy lives. Sometimes too busy for the important people in our life. Stop multi-tasking for a moment and look over this list from Cosmopolitan of the five things a woman should never skip out on:
Guys Have a Hard Time Keeping Eyes on the Road
According to a new survey from Direct Line car insurance, guys get into more automobile accidents because they have a tougher time keeping their eyes on the road when traveling with an attractive woman. Finally! The proof we need for what we have always known.
What Guys Really Notice About Us
Ladies, have you ever wondered why your guy doesn't say anything about your new hair style or why he didn't say a word about how nice you looked even after you worked extra hard on all the details. Find out what he really notices.

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