10 Restaurants We Should Bring Back to Texarkana
I was driving to get the kids from school and noticed that Larry's Pizza is moving into the old Johnny Carino's building. I then had a flashback to when Johnny Carino's was still here and all of the great dates I went on with my wife. I wished that it was still open.
On Wednesday, we asked you about …
Can You Identify These Downtown Landmarks?
Are you an expert at all things Texarkana? If you think you are, then go through these photos of some very famous landmarks and see if you can identify them. Don't scroll down. All the correct answers are below the photos.
1. Photograph…
Crawfish Season is Going to Start Early in Texarkana
Bring on the bugs. Crawfish season will hit Texarkana sooner than normal. Warmer weather and good amounts of rain have a lot to do with it. Crawfish should be plentiful this year and arrive much earlier than normal. One hut has announced they are opening on New Year's Eve.
Suspect Steals Vehicle and Attempts Burglary of Bank ATM
On Wednesday, November 18, at 5AM Texarkana, Ark., Police were dispatched to 3200 East 9th Street, Commercial National Bank, in reference to a possible robbery in progress. Dispatch told officers that a witness was driving by the bank when he or she allegedly observed a white van ram into the b…

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