Do You Qualify As a Binge Drinker?
According to a survey involving about 450,000 adults, 17 percent of Americans are binge drinkers.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention describes binge drinking as consuming four or more alcoholic drinks for a woman, and five or more for a man...
Where has Customer Service Gone?
Oh how I miss customer service. According to the PRNewsWire, customers are closing their wallets because of rudeness. Well I could have told you that without a survey. Among those surveyed, 69 percent went so far as to close their wallets and not buy stuff from companies or salespeople they thought …
Guys Have a Hard Time Keeping Eyes on the Road
According to a new survey from Direct Line car insurance, guys get into more automobile accidents because they have a tougher time keeping their eyes on the road when traveling with an attractive woman. Finally! The proof we need for what we have always known.
How Many Frogs do You Have to Kiss Before You Find Your Prince?
Ladies, how many guys did you kiss and how many did you date before you finally found the right one? That may take some time to remember and add up the numbers so get a pen and notepad out to get a good estimated number then read the results of the survey below to see how your life compa…