Oh how I miss customer service. According to the PRNewsWire, customers are closing their wallets because of rudeness. Well I could have told you that without a survey. Among those surveyed, 69 percent went so far as to close their wallets and not buy stuff from companies or salespeople they thought were not nice. I have had a couple of bad experiences recently and felt the urge to share.

I like to go to a certain drive-through, fast food joint because the food is good and it is in a convenient location. I won't name any names. I don't think it is fair to slam the business publicly unless I have given the management an opportunity to make it better. Unfortunately, I had to quit going to this fav-place for a long time because the hired help was so rude. I started going back recently and so far so good.

I will pay extra to do business with a place that provides friendly service rather than get it "rudely cheaper" (that's a Mimi-ism).

Last week I stopped at a convenience on my way to work for coffee and breakfast. An employee that was standing outside smoking didn't say good morning, hello or anything nice but rather spouted out some blah blah blah about my dog in the back seat and would he jump out. Really? I guess he's an expert since he spends so much time wasting time. I had not had my coffee yet so no comment. Not to be deterred from one of my quick stop places I went back that afternoon. My total was three dollars and some change. When I handed the clerk a twenty dollar bill she looked at me like I had just handed her a hundred for a fifty-cent purchase. She held it up in the air as high as she could and said loudly so everyone in line could hear, "Well I hope its good."

Companies need to think of what face their employees are putting forward for the business. Bad service will get your name out there faster and further than good service will. According to the survey, 58 percent of people who experienced bad service told their friends and families about it.