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Komen Texarkana Party in Pink Photos
The Party in Pink for the 2014 Komen Texarkana Race for the Cure was a very enjoyable evening. Actress Molly Quinn attended the event. She is from Texarkana and is well known for her role as Alexis on ABC's Castle. Having a TV star at the party provided many great photo opportunities.
Komen Texarkana Race For The Cure — 2014 Events
The 2014 Komen Texarkana Race For The Cure events are this weekend. Party in the Pink dinner is Friday, Oct. 17 and the Race is Saturday, Oct. 18. Special guest is Molly Quinn, a star from Texarkana that plays Alexis Castle on the ABC show “Castle”.
Pink Out Texarkana This Friday!
This Friday (October 10) is Pink Out Texarkana! Remember to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course, the Race For The Cure  is Saturday October 18 at the Four States Fairgrounds.
Race For The Cure Saturday
The 2013 Komen Texarkana Race For The Cure is this Saturday, October 19th at the Four States Fairgrounds and Bobby Ferguson Park.
Is This ‘Miles For Melons’ Shirt Offensive? [POLL]
If you saw someone wearing this shirt, would you find it offensive or think it was cute? If your boss asked you to wear this shirt, would that upset you? A local business owner recently produced this shirt for his male and female employees to wear to show their support of breast cancer awareness.

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