Three Things that Guarantee a Happy Marriage
Ever wonder how those happily married couples you see manage to stay so happy after years of marriage? You’ve tried and tried but yet your marriage is just so-so. Marriage is hard, we all know that but what would you say if I told you there are just three things you can do to make yo…
Finding Mr. Right: Is He Husband Material?
The dream is to find a life partner that is everything you have always dreamed of in a spouse. Many often settle for what they can get because, when you are in the relationship, it is easy and convenient so why change it. Or maybe it is too tough of a road to go down to end the relationship. Have yo…
Are Working Women More Happily Married?
For years, traditional wisdom has held that when both halves of a couple works, they spend less time together and are thus less happy in their marriages.
A new study, however, seems to disprove that theory.
Austrailan Cities Suffer From “Man Drought”
Finding your true love has always been a difficult feat, but female singles in Australia's busy metropolitan areas are facing an extreme case of the lonelies. The reason: a lack of eligible men.
Survey: Do Married Couples Talk About Money Before Marriage? [VIDEO]
When you get married, you take the other person for richer or poorer, right? Well, with wedding season itching closer than the space between belly button and cummerbund, you might want to know just how rich and how poor you’re talking about before exchanging "I dos."
A new survey from COUNT…
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wife Maria Shriver Separate
Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, journalist Maria Shriver, announced their separation Monday evening in a press statement. The statement makes no mention of divorce, but does confirm that the two are no longer living under the same roof:

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