Budweiser’s New Ad Goes To The Dogs [VIDEO]
The latest ad from the guys over at Budweiser feature a puppy and a group of horses that become best friends.
The ad will air during the big game on Sunday and it is set to the hit song from Passenger 'Let Her Go'.
A Dog Adoption Story You Have to Read To Believe
As all of our listeners know, we do Provide a Pet a Pad every Tuesday where we feature a dog from our local animal shelter. I found a story about a shelter dog that may make you open your eyes to the wonderful animals that are available for adoption.
Woman Finds Dog in Rubble of Tornado Damaged Home [VIDEO]
In all of the tragedy in the tornado that stuck Moore Oklahoma, here is a little bright spot. I found this video being shared on Facebook and thought I would she it with you. In the video Barbra Garcia talks about how she survived the tornado and was glad to be alive but was looking for her dog, tha…

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