Bullying-My Personal Expierence
Bullying, is a word we hear often and some of us know all to well what it means. Some of us have no idea how something so small as getting picked on can be so harmful that it drives some kids to do very violent acts. I am probably a little odd since I have been on both sides of this bullying situati…
How Do We End Bullying? Teach Kids They Are NOT Victims
I read an article this morning that said most parents aren’t quite sure how to handle a bullying situation where their child is the one being bullied, which is probably why so many kids are being bullied every year. As someone who experienced bullying firsthand as a kid, and has had …
Casey Heynes Interview [VIDEO]
Check out this video with Casey Heynes, the 14 year old that has become an overnight celebrity since his body-slam video hit the internet. Do you know someone who is bullied at school?