There are a number of different ways to help our children battle bullies without actually winding up in a fight. My stepson, Ethan, has been enrolled in Martial Arts for a year and a half. It has helped increase his confidence and respect for others. He is also taught to be kind to others and to be a good student.

The martial arts' student creed is:

"I am developing myself in a positive manner and I avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or physical health. I am developing self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. I use common sense before self defense and I am never abusive or offensive."

It will be tough when Ethan starts dealing with bullies but his training and conditioning through martial arts will provide the tools to handle the situation.

Ethan studies Han Mu Do through Master Lopez at the Legendary Academy of Martial Arts located in Legend's Gym on State Line Avenue in Texarkana, 903-794-5262.