Sting just released his first album of new music and it is amazing! I grew up listening to songs by the Police which were upbeat and resonated with your soul. I can still sing many of them today.

However, I was exercising on the treadmill this week when Sting was interviewed by the Today Show about his latest album, “The Last Ship.” Although I didn't get to hear all of the interview or the song, I listened to one of the new tracks, “Practical Arrangement,” with my husband. To put it simply, I loved it!

I could listen to this song along with others from the album over and over again. Each time I listened, the music evoked a different emotion from me as well as took me on a cinematic journey of real life scenes in my mind.

I don't always enjoy the musical arrangement as well as the lyrics on an album, but Sting has mastered both talents.