American Idol contestant Sarah Skinner will be performing live at this years 'Girls Night Out' April 24th at Northridge Country Club in Texarkana.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sara at the Power 959 'Starz Youth Talent Show' a couple of years ago and she wowed the judges with her performance.
Sara Skinner is an authentic blend of soulful rock music, pop vocal melodies, and “dark, desperate lyrics,” . Rocking stages from California to New York, and internationally over the Internet, this small town Texan music artist is on the rise for the 2012 pop/rock scene. Writing songs, and having taught herself piano, bass and guitar at an early age, she is able to easily translate her thoughts and emotions into electrifying music that grabs and holds the attention of her audiences! The first released EP, “Unchangeable,” comprised of 5 songs relating to nonconformity, isolation, love and resentment, is written solely by Sara Skinner. Check out this video of Sarah doing the classic tune by the Animals 'House of The Rising Sun'. Sarah will be performing live at this years 'Girls Night Out' at the Northridge Country Club.