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Is This The Shortest Fireworks Show Ever?
Fireworks are a big deal here in Texarkana with the annual 'Sparks in the Park' show that usually lasts about 20 minutes, but this show from San Diego lasted a whopping 15 seconds.
Who Knew Getting Gas was Such a Chore [VIDEO]
Who had any idea that filing up your car would require such effort? The video from the stations security camera shows a poor woman from the Uk trying to get her car positioned just right to get it filled up at a gas station. I have owned some cars that the gas filler was on the passenger side and no…
Dad Uses Camaro to Pull His Kid’s Tooth [VIDEO]
This is why the state of Florida is a whole different kind of crazy.
When I was a kid, we'd try pulling our loose teeth out by doing the 'slam the door' trick. It hardly ever worked for me. My son, Grant, is loosing teeth all the time and he is even pulling them himself...

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