PENNY HAS BEEN FOUND! As of Thursday, Jan. 30 Penny is back home. She is save and well, just a bit banged up and skinny from her time on the run.

This dog ran away from her new adoptive home just a day after she was in a new home so she is not very familiar with the area and is running scared. Penny is her name but she won't come to it when called. She is very afraid of strangers. She looks like a miniature border collie and only weighs 14 lbs. She had been in a foster home for six months when she was adopted by a new, loving family that is located approximately two miles from her foster home in Texarkana. Penny could be on either side of State Line Avenue.

She ran away from behind Burger King on 7th and Hazel. She has trust issues and does not trust anyone except her foster family. Please do not feed! In case it becomes necessary to use a live trap to catch her, she needs to be very hungry as we will use food to lure her into the trap.

Passion for Pooches Rescue