Ruger (formerly known as Duke and Rascal) is a Black Lab that was found wondering around a residential area in Texarkana. After weeks of being away from his home, Ruger was reunited with his family last Tuesday.

Ruger's story has a lot of twists. He was given up to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, Idaho when he was just six months old. The family said they could not care for him any longer because he had too much energy. Two days later Ruger, then known as Duke, was adopted by a couple that was stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base where he lived for a little over one year. There was a divorce. The husband was reassigned to a base in England so he gave Duke to a friend that was also getting out of the service and moving back home--to Texas. Within just a couple of months of moving to Texas, Duke must have ran away from his home because he wondered into Kellie's backyard while she was feeding her other dogs. No one came looking for a lost Lab so Kellie kept him.

Fast forward to the stormy weather in May of 2013. Ruger is very afraid of storms. He ran away during a storm that hit Texarkana around Mother's Day. After days and weeks of looking for Ruger, his family was heartbroken and fearing the worst. Thanks to a few nice folks, Ruger was kept well until his owners could be found.


He is now back home and does not venture outside when there is a chance of stormy weather.

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