Lady Gaga's turned her Twitter feed into a non-stop hype machine for her new album ARTPOP, which she is now modestly calling "THE ALBUM OF THE MILLENNIUM!!!!!!!!!!!! :)."

Writing on Twitter, Gaga revealed to her fans, "A MASTERED COPY OF ARTPOP WAS JUST DELIVERED TO ME, help. its real now. I can't believe it Ive been waiting to say this for some time...THIS IS THE ALBUM OF THE MILLENNIUM!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"  She then added, "I was trying to think of something more ridiculous than Millennium..ALBUM OF INFINTE!"

The singer also told fans that her new single "Venus" will be out October 25, as opposed to its original release date of October 27, and gave them a heads-up that on Thursday, you can hear a snippet of one of her new songs, "Do What U Want," in a new commercial for Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.  That particular song features R. Kelly, and Gaga tweeted, "HE SOUNDS INCREDIBLE."

Meanwhile, Gaga has posted a snippet of yet another new song, "G.U.Y.," which stands for "Girl Under You," and additional lyrics for another new song, "Dope."   "Up heaven's stairway to gold/Mine myself like coal/A mountain of a soul/Each day I cry/I feel so low/From living high," state the lyrics.