In her hit "Applause," Lady Gaga sings, "One second I'm a Koons/Then suddenly the Koons is me."  Now that she's unveiled the cover of her album ARTPOP, we can all see what the heck she was talking about.

Gaga commissioned famed artist Jeff Koons to create a sculpture of her for the album cover.   It shows a pale, nude-colored Gaga, with bangs and long hair, sitting down with her legs spread, and her hands holding the ends of her hair over her breasts.  Between her legs is a blue mirrored ball Koons features these "gazing balls"  prominently in much of his own work that says "ARTPOP," and the words "Lady Gaga" are written in hot pink behind the sculpture.  The words are laid over a collage that incorporates pieces of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus painting.

Gaga wrote on Facebook that the sculpture of herself will be exhibited November 10 at art RAVE, the release party she's throwing for the album.  No details are available about that just yet.

"Please welcome Jeff Koons into our family and shower him with love for the the talents he has shared with us. A pure and genuine collaborator," Gaga tweeted.  "I'm nervous & excited to share something that's such a piece of my heart. Something I cherish deeply. A real depiction of my mind through his."