Now that Katy Perry has officially moved into the Prism era of her career with the release of her new single "Roar," she's truly left her Teenage Dream days behind...but one day, fans may have a crack at owning some of her iconic candy-coated looks from that time.

Speaking to BBC's Radio 1,  Katy revealed that she keeps all her costumes and wigs in "a warehouse somewhere in L.A.," and plans to do "an Elton John-type auction at some point."  She was referring to Elton John's famed 1988 auction, in which he sold off most of his iconic, over-the-top stage outfits, signaling a new era in his life as an artist.  But Katy noted that, while she may be ditching the outfits, the music from that era and before isn't going anywhere.

"Of course I would never desert all of the stuff that I've the past eras with Teenage Dream or One of the Boys," she told Radio 1. "I'll definitely include them in everything I do, especially the tour next year. I'll remix them. They'll be given a face-lift, essentially."

But will Katy's new look be as fun as those blue wigs, cotton candy colors and spinning peppermint bras?  "I'm still gonna be bringing the bling," she insists. "I mean, I'm still gonna be bringing the costumes and everything. I think that you're just seeing maybe just a little bit more grown-up version of me, which does not equal boring. It just means a 28-year-old version of me."

Katy also discussed "Roar," her new single, which she describes as "a bit of a self-empowering type song."  She explained, "I wrote it for myself because I was sick of kind of keeping all these feelings inside and not speaking up for myself, and therefore, it caused a lot of resentment."

She added, laughing, "Obviously, I've been through a lot of therapy since my last record!"