Justin Bieber brings the sex and the violence in his long-awaited video for "As Long as You Love Me," now available online. As previously reported, famous tough-guy actor Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill fame appears in the video and by the end, he opens up a can of whoop-ass on the Bieb, beating him to a bloody pulp.

In the clip, Justin's in love with Madsen's daughter, which Madsen isn't happy about. In the beginning of the clip, he tells Justin, "My daughter is everything. She needs me as much as I need her. That means some day I have to let her go, and when I do she needs to be with a man, not a boy."

When Justin protests that he loves her, Madsen sneers, "Yeah, sure you do. I know what type of guy you are. Once upon a time I used to be the same thing. You know what that means? That means one day you'll leave her for somebody else and break her heart. That can't happen. ...Get in your car and leave and don't come back -- 'cause if you do, it's not gonna be good for you."

Then the song starts, and we see a tortured-looking Justin stalking the streets, driving in a vintage car and dancing in an underground garage, all as he reminisces about the times he spent with his now-forbidden girl. We see them having fun together, kissing and canoodling in what appears to be a bed and writing notes on each others' skin. In some scenes, though, Justin is sporting bruises on his face, and we soon find out why.

Somehow, he slips the girl a note asking her to sneak out and meet him, which she does. But daddy finds out...and then things go very wrong. Madsen tracks down Justin and his daughter and gives the singer a beat-down, as his daughter begs him to stop. As Justin is knocked senseless, he flashes back to all the good times he and his girl have had. The clip ends there.