Jessie J has taken to Twitter to shoot down rumors that she's being plagued by ill health.

When Jessie was 18, she suffered a stroke.  Over the weekend, the British tabloid theDaily Star reported that the 24-year-old singer, who's currently a coach on The Voice UK, is constantly being monitored by doctors to make sure all the stress and her high-pressure work schedule won't lead to her suffering a similar incident.

In a rebuttal that took her eight separate posts, Jessie refuted those reports.  "Can I be totally honest for a minute?," she wrote.  "I was in and out of hospital with REAL health scares my whole childhood. I have an irregular heartbeat I've had all my life & I suffered a minor stroke at 18. Then I go on The Voice UK & stories are like boomerangs, the media tries to throw them away but just keep coming back. Lazy... It's an easy believable but untrue way the media works."

She continued, "My health is a very important part of my life & I don't take lightly to the media making a joke about it. I have made huge sacrifices to making sure my body and mind can deal with my life & I am happy, I am healthy & I am trying to make the UK proud."

Jessie J then admonished the media, "Next time you think what negative story can we write today. Go and visit the kids at your local hospital & write about how brave & scared & inspirational they are to let them know they are not alone. Would definately [sic] make for a better read. "

Noting that some have advised her to ignore the reports, Jessie said, "No I won't. We have to stand up for what we believe in. The media should not be allowed to write untrue articles. If no one ever says anything, it will NEVER change."