Christus St. Michael Atlanta Health Fair March 21
Christus St. Michael will offer the people of Atlanta and surrounding areas an incredible local learning resource during its annual Free Community Health Fair March 21. The event will include free health screenings and education on a number of vital wellness tests.
Are Naps Really Healthy?
This morning we were talking about naps. I needed one yeterday and it turned out to be an almost 4 hour nap. Anyone that works the crazy hours we work, needs a nap on a daily basis. But are naps really good for you? Here are a few nap facts to help you feel better about those naps you take.
Daylight Saving Time Change Can Affect Your Health
I hate this time change. It takes weeks to get adjusted. Not only do I have to get my own sleep schedule in line, I have a bunch of animals to get back in sync. What a ridiculous thing to do to people. Let's just change the clock back and forth twice a year.
Time Change Affects Your Health
If you are tired today because of the time change, you are not alone obviously. We are pretty sleepy this morning. It usually takes a week or two for me to adjust. Hopefully being tired will be the only side effect you have from springing the clocks forward but there are actually four ways daylight …

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