Are Naps Really Healthy?
This morning we were talking about naps. I needed one yeterday and it turned out to be an almost 4 hour nap. Anyone that works the crazy hours we work, needs a nap on a daily basis. But are naps really good for you? Here are a few nap facts to help you feel better about those naps you take.
Daylight Saving Time Change Can Affect Your Health
I hate this time change. It takes weeks to get adjusted. Not only do I have to get my own sleep schedule in line, I have a bunch of animals to get back in sync. What a ridiculous thing to do to people. Let's just change the clock back and forth twice a year.
Time Change Affects Your Health
If you are tired today because of the time change, you are not alone obviously. We are pretty sleepy this morning. It usually takes a week or two for me to adjust. Hopefully being tired will be the only side effect you have from springing the clocks forward but there are actually four ways daylight …
Jessie J Takes to Twitter to Dispute Reports of Ill Health[VIDEO]
Jessie J has taken to Twitter to shoot down rumors that she's being plagued by ill health.
When Jessie was 18, she suffered a stroke.  Over the weekend, the British tabloid theDaily Star reported that the 24-year-old singer, who's currently a coach on The Voice UK, is constantly being monitored by do…