Now that Icona Pop's song "I Love It" has been featured on everything from Glee to Dancing with the Stars to Girls, it's gone platinum and reached the top 10.  But the Swedish duo says they're not planning on being a one-hit wonder, because they've got big plans for world domination.

"We're just about to wrap up our full-length album and then we're gonna go on this headlining tour in the U.S.," says Icona Pop's Aino [EYE-no].  "We're gonna be everywhere this year!"  The other member of Icona Pop, Caroline, agrees, saying, "You're not gonna even be able to miss us, even if you try!"

The duo will perform this weekend at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City, and then head to Europe for several festival appearances. They'll return to the U.S. in August for Lollapalooza, and then kick off their headlining tour August 12 in North Carolina.  Plus, they've got a second single, "Girlfriend," waiting in the wings.

But people are still focusing on "I Love It," and when they're not pondering the line about crashing your car into a bridge, they're probably wondering about the line that goes, "You're from the '70s but I'm a 90's chick."  What's that all about?

"We kinda became humans in the '90s, and I think a '90s chick, you don't have to be born [in that decade] or anything, it just [means] that you enjoyed the '90s very much," Aino explains.  "You remember the trashy style...know, the music, the one hit wonders, the boy and the girl bands."

But just like the line about crashing your car into a bridge, overall, the "90's chick thing" line is really used to highlight the age difference between the girls and the dude they're putting down in the song.  He's much older from the seventies, which was, like a million years ago and is therefore completely uncool.  As Aino explains, "It's a metaphor: an age-different metaphor."