After ruling the airwaves with their super-catchy single "I Love It," the girls of Icona Pop are finally ready to unleash their debut album.

The Swedish duo's disc, This Is....Icona Pop, will be in stores September 24, but if you can't wait for some new music, they've also announced a new single.  It's called " All Night" and it's available now.

If you're wondering if "I Love It" is representative of what the entire album sounds like, the answer is no.  "There will not be 15 tracks that sound like 'I Love It,'" group member Aino [EYE-no] tells ABC News Radio.  "But you will hear the journey we've been on the for the past four years."  Her musical partner Caroline adds that through the songs on the album, "Everyone will get to know us.  It's time. We're gonna let everyone into our little Icona Pop world...we're ready now."

What the album will do is reflect the duo's unique blend of pop and electronic sounds, which defies strict categorization.  "We always say that we do pop music," explains Aino. "In the beginning, we called ourselves 'Death Pop.'  But also, we go into the studio...and sometimes we come out with a pop song influenced by hip-hop and sometimes by electronic [music]."

Aino adds, "I would say that, yes, we're a pop duo that do electronical music."

Icona Pop is heading out on a North American tour starting August 2 with an appearance at Lollapalooza.  The trek will mix headlining shows with festival appearances in the U.S. and Canada.