In this video making the rounds on you tube you can see how technology has helped find this stray named Sonya a new home.

When Patrick Pittenger pulled up Google Street View earlier this summer to show his girlfriend where he worked, a familiar face jumped out at him. In front of one of the Los Angeles buildings sat a stray dog he knew quite well.


Pittenger had talked about the dog he called Sonya before. He'd told his girlfriend, Jennifer Velesquez, that he'd seen the stray laying in that spot a few times over the summer. On occasion, he'd bring her food and water. More than once, he'd been tempted to adopt her, but was unsure of how she'd react. He also had to consider own dog, who suffers an immune problem.


"I would go home and just feel awful there was nothing we could do," he told The Huffington Post.

Two days later, Hagar and Hope For Paws made the rescue, all of which is captured in the video above. Once they earned Sonya's trust, they brought her to a groomer and a vet.


"It was amazing to see her that day. She looked so different without all the hair," Pittenger said. "I think we all got choked up and were so happy for her and us."


But Sonya's road to recovery was only just beginning. With her hair gone, vets could see tumors, ingrown, twisted dew claws, and broken teeth -- all requiring surgical intervention. She also suffered from arthritis and two bone spurs on her lower back. She now has regular acupuncture to help with that.

In the mean time, she's beginning to get along flawlessly with Pittenger's mom and her dog Jack -- so much so that she won't be leaving.