Google has cancelled Christmas.

Actually, users of the the latest version of its Android smartphone operating system have noticed a pretty big glitch. Its People app the one in which you list birthdays and other important upcoming occasions, doesn't include the month of December. Don't confuse this with the supposed Mayan prediction that the world ends December 21st. There is a January 2013 ,which the app jumps to right after the end of November. I guess Google decided that there was just too much stress this time of the year.


CNet, a website that covers technology, quips, "Is Google the new Grinch who stole Christmas?" Google has posted on a troubleshooting board that it's already working on a fix. But there's no guarantee programmers will come up with one -- and find a way to get it to Galaxy Nexus phones or the Nexus 7 tablet in the 10 days remaining in this month.