The Southern Diamonds fastpitch Alliance will present a free softball clinic Saturday from 10AM-2PM at the Texas High School indoor practice facility.

The clinic is open to the first 150 sign ups. All who sign up will receive a free t-shirt. The clinic will introduce the girls to the Southern Fastpitch Alliance Board and the coaching staff.

The clinic will feature instruction by various coaches on the basic fundamentals of softball. All coaches and parents are encouraged to attend this event to help build up the local softball leagues of Texarkana and Wake Village.

Fastpitch softball is a form of softball played commonly by women though coed fastpitch leagues also exist. The International Softball Federation (ISF) is the international governing body of softball.

The game of fastpitch softball is similar to baseball, and includes stealing bases and bunting. Unlike baseball, however, there is no "leading off." The base runner can only leave the base when the pitcher releases the ball. Most leagues use the "dropped third strike" rule, which allows the batter to attempt an advance to first base when the catcher fails to catch the third strike.

Younger players generally play with an 11-inch ball, and older players will generally play with a 12-inch ball. The surface of the ball has changed over the years from white to a high-visibility optic yellow.

For more information contact Sandy Dickson 903-277-9414.