We held the 12th Annual Power 95-9 Street Dance at the Four States Fair last Friday and had a blast watching all of the dancers perform. The dance is for everyone. Whether you have training or just like to dance in front of your mirror at home, we welcome you to the competition. Its fun and lots of prizes are handed out.

This year's event finished with a bang when a forty-three year old man jumped on to the stage and busted a few moves during the 19 and over competition. He even twerked! Watch the video below.

Dudes 19+ Competition

Mr. Over-Forty was up against guys half his age but he held his own and even though he was pretty winded after the first round, he stood up and showed us some more of his moves during the dance off:

The votes were cast for a second time and a clear winner could not be chosen so it was a tie!

Check out the 19+ Ladies Competition: