Today, the 'Fast Forward to Five' theme is inspiration. We want to randomly use hump day to motivate you.

We don't know what inspires you so we are featuring videos of people doing amazing things, giving touching speeches, and a music video that never fails to get us pumped up.

This video is simply titled, "Humans are Awesome," and it is so right. Watch these amazing sports feats and gather all the inspiration you can.

Gerry B via YouTube

Charlie Chaplin was known as a great comedic actor before movies had sound, but when they finally introduced the technology to add voices to the "moving pictures," Charlie wanted to make sure what he had to say would stick with audiences for years to come.

Yo Milbert via YouTube

This is sort of an older music video, but still one of our favorites. It reminds us that the choices we make can have a great impact on our lives. It's also a great song to work out to.

Rudimental via YouTube

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