Do you think that your passwords are safe from prying eyes? All of us have multiple passwords that we think are sneaky, even foolproof, but according to a new survey, your kids probably know all your passwords and PINS, and if they don't, they can probably figure them out.

In the survey 80 percent of kids say they know the passwords for their parents' computers, phones, and tablets.

33 percent of kids said their parents know they have the passwords, and let them use their electronic devices but the rest have to get them on their own. 18 percent of kids say they got the passwords by peeking over their parents' shoulder while they were logging on.

But 12 percent just try some obvious combinations until they figure it out. 10 percent have even locked their parents' account by guessing wrong too many times.

The survey also found that 25 percent have used their parents' credit card to buy something online without them knowing. Do you kids know your passwords?