Smart phones are the greatest inventions ever, They keep us in touch with all of our friends let us know who just sang that song on the radio, let us know about the weather and keep our checkbook balanced. All of this technology comes at a price. One night at dinner I noticed a table of 20 somethings sitting next to me and all of them had their head down looking at their phones! There was absolutely no interaction between the people at the table. They were all checking their face book status or taking a picture of their meal to let everyone know where they were and what they were eating.  This got me to thinking about my one of my sons favorite movies 'Wall E' where everyone interacts with each other through their computers.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come, one of my great joys is a good conversation over dinner. One of our employees told me about the rules a friend of his for their dinner table. They have a family with 5 teenagers and they have to put their phones in a basket before dinner so they can have a family dinner together without technology, and decent conversation. Do you have dinner time rules at your house to keep everyone off of the phone?