Look for Justin Bieber to finally debut his video,  or "short film," as he calls it, for "As Long as You Love Me" on August 1.  Meanwhile, on Friday, Justin finally tweeted a one minute and 35 second teaser clip of the video, which co-stars Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen as a super-protective dad.

In the clip, Madsen is seen looking menacingly over the tops of his sunglasses as he advises Justin to hit the road.  It seems Madsen's against Justin dating his daughter because she "needs to be with a man, not a boy which you are...[and] one day you'll leave her... and break her heart."  In between Madsen's scenes, Justin is shown trying to call his love interest from a train station payphone in the hopes she'll run away with him and, while Justin's girl looks longingly and tearfully at the phone, she doesn't answer.

In other Justin news, he reportedly got one woman hot and bothered, not for his singing or his boyish charms, but for his potty mouth.

TMZ reports that the singer and his entourage caused a scene last weekend during their 12-hour return flight home from New Zealand where Justin was promoting his albumBelieve.  A source told TMZ that the Bieb and his bros were called out for being loud and cursing up a storm.  Their horseplay continued until an unidentified mother of two approached Justin and requested that he "stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane.  It's not appropriate."

Justin was so embarrassed by the incident he quickly apologized, TMZ reports.