If you are not feeling good or want to feel happy just change your expression--it is just that simple!

Psychiatrist Dr. Martin Grotjahn says the simplest things can affect our mood.

"For instance, if you wake up feeling depressed, try smiling," he says. "If your face is in a smiling position, it's impossible to feel depressed." Dr. Grotjahn also says, "If you're feeling weak and listless, don't slump. Stand up as straight as possible. You'll feel stronger and more alert."

Here are some more tips from the doctor:

  • If you're sleepy, open your eyes wide -- and you'll feel more awake.
  • If you're disorganized and your body movements are erratic, you won't be able to think clearly -- so slow down and make deliberate movements. You'll be able to think better.
  • If you feel tense, just close your eyes and let your arms hang limp. That'll put you in a contemplative mood and you'll feel more relaxed. This can work for both the uptight executive and the housewife who's been stuck in the house with the kids on a rainy day.