Dress for Warm and Wet Conditions Today in Texarkana
Your what-to-wear forecast for today in Texarkana starts and ends with clouds and rain. The day could turn out to be a stormy day at times with highs reaching the mid to high seventies. Dress for warm and wet conditions. Boots, rain gear and an umbrella are best.
Road Floods in Arkansas as More Rain is Expected
My drive to work and home again is always an interesting trip when weather conditions are extreme. The massive amount of rain that we have gotten and continue to get has almost completely flooded the road that leads to my house.
Your What-to-Wear Weather Forecast
Need to know what to wear today? What should the kids wear as they head to the bus stop? Here is your "what to wear" forecast for today, Wednesday, February 3.
Today’s What to Wear Weather Forecast
What to wear is a big issue every day. Will it be cold? Will it be windy? Will it rain? So many factors come into play in the decision of what is the best outfit to wear that day. Here is your 'what to wear' forecast for the day.

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