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The Hot New Trend for Guys? ‘Mantyhose’
Back in the 1970s, football great Joe Namath did a television commercial for pantyhose, proving that with enough charisma and swagger, the right guy can sell just about anything. His ad was meant for women — but a whole new generation of hose and tights are aimed squarely at men.
Dog Plays Piano And Sings!
I just came across this great video and thought I would share it with you. The dog plays piano and sings, pretty well. I wonder how long it took the owner to train the dog, or if he just picked it up. Do you have a dog that has an unusual talent...
Southern Hospitality! Snakes Not Welcome
It is going to be an early Spring this year which means the snakes will be out soon.
Lee Ann is a fellow dog-rescuing friend of mine. Her favorite breed is usually Black Labrador Retrievers, not snakes! This is what she encountered one day last Spring while out doing her morning feeding.
Teen Wins Lottery After Being Forced To Clean His Room
A teenage from a small city in Scotland is 100,000 dollars richer after winning the lottery. Ryan Kitching, had no idea he had the winning lottery ticket in his possession until he found it in a stack of laundry and potato chip bags. Ryan said yesterday: "My mother had been nagging me for w…

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