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Bunny Herds the Sheep
Champis is a  the sheep herding bunny! Apparently he learned the trade from watching a dog. No lie, he knows how to herd a flock of sheep. The dog better be worried about losing his job, especially since the bunny doesn't eat as much as a dog...
Man Robs Bank With Apple Pies
This is just too funny not to talk about. A man held up a bank in Sacramento with his weapon of choice two McDonald's apple pies. Police arrested the guy, and questioned bank employees on the attempted robbery. Employees said the suspect that tried to rob them and held the apple pies and presented t…
Man Doesn’t Notice He Shot a Nail Into His Skull
We’ve all left a bathroom without realizing we have a piece of toilet paper stuck to our shoe. Dante Autullo of Orland Park, Illinois took that type of embarrassing lack of recognition to an absurd extreme when he left a project he was working on in his garage without reali…
‘If I Die’ Facebook Ap Lets You Message From The Grave
In what can only be called morbidly creepy 'Facebook' has introduced a nw app that lets you have the very last word.  The third-party app called “If I die” lets users record a video or text message that will only be published in the event of your death.

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