January is the most popular month to call in sick. Maybe it is because the holidays are over and its time to catch up on everything that you put off or maybe you got sucked into the hype about the "Most Depressing Day of the Year" which is the third Monday of every new year. Whatever the reason, it appears that we call in sick more often in January than any other month.  I guess it could be due to a legitimate reason like the flu.  Who are the biggest offenders: Men or women?

According to a survey by Sovereign Health Care, women are more likely than men to fake a sick day.  They are definitely more willing to give an embarrassing excuse.  We know how to push the "don't ask questions" button. Come on, you know you've done it.  Of course this usually only works well if the person you report to is a man.

Keeping in mind that this survey was performed in the UK, here are the top 10 best non-illness excuses:

  1. My dog has fallen and broken all its legs
  2. There’s a squirrel in my lounge
  3. I’ve been away for the weekend and need to stay at home because my cats missed me
  4. A pigeon has just flown into my flat
  5. I can’t find my shoes
  6. I forgot I worked here
  7. I’m locked in the house
  8. I can’t afford the bus because you don’t pay me enough
  9. My boyfriend has just been shot in the foot
  10. My car has frozen to the ground