Looks like Britney Spears doesn't have much of a sense of humor as a reality show judge when her own songs are involved. People magazine reports that Britney "stormed off the set" of The X Factor Monday in Greensboro, North Carolina, when a man partially dressed as a woman performed her hit "(You Drive Me) Crazy."

People reports that Britney looked "stunned" throughout the performance, and fellow judge L.A. Reid tried to comfort her by patting her back.  The other judges, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell, covered their faces with their hands.  After Britney left, L.A. and Demi followed her, but Simon stayed and told the singer, "I don't think she quite understood your tribute."

But Britney begged to differ, according to People.  When she came back, she said, "I really respect the tribute.  It was really nice."

The singer, who wore a bedazzled jean jacket, cat's eye glasses and boots and had his hair in a bun, said he had to "fight real hard" to get the audition