Insert screaming girls here. No really, myself included. This past January I took my 14-year-old little sister to a Justin Bieber concert and let me tell you, not only did it rock but I think I might have screamed more than her.  

Not only was it a super fun atmosphere but Bieber was actually really good live (don't tell anyone I told you that). My mom will actually tell you the same thing though. I didn't buy into the whole teeny-bopper crazy fan girls and all that but you can't deny a catchy tune when you hear it. From that very first breakout song, Baby, all the way to his latest compilation with, #thatPOWER, Justin Bieber has had song after song on the Billboard Top 100. Oh and has anyone heard the acoustic version of his latest album Believe? Well believe me, you'll want to have a listen.

I look back on my past when The Backstreet Boys, N SYNC, Britney Spears, Jesse McCartney, The Jonas Brothers and many more teen pop sensations were all the rage and now Justin Bieber has joined the ranks. You may not agree that he deserves that recognition but his album sales say differently. Like I said before, you can't deny his talent and ability to put on a good performance.

Want to see a great show? In a couple of days we will be posting a new contest to win two tickets to see Justin Bieber on Saturday, August 3rd at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. You will win a few other prizes besides just the tickets to see the Biebs, but I don't want to give everything away now do I? Make sure to check back in a couple of days to enter to win!