Last night the annual Texarkana Razorback Club Dinner was held at the Elks Lodge on Garland Street. The crowd was full of fans dressed in red and white. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner from Big Jakes and the speakers were informative as well as very entertaining. We were surprised to learn that Coach Bielema is quite the auctioneer. Watch the video below of Coach Bielema auctioning off a football.

Coach Bret Bielema Auctions a Football for $1000

Arkansas Razorback Athletic Director Jeff Long was also in attendance. It was a treat as I heard the coach and director are rarely at the same event.

There was a silent auction as well. My husband was very excited to claim his prize early. He got in on an "Everyone Wins" bid. He placed the first bid and won the item, then every bid after his also won a duplicate item.

It was a very enjoyable evening that seemed to fly by as soon as speakers began.