The annual Texarkana Razorback Club Dinner was held on March 14 at the Texarkana Convention Center in Texarkana, Ark. It was a great venue and I must say other than in a football stadium, I've never heard the hog call this loud.

The crowd was full of fans dressed in red and white, from casual to dressy. Dinner from Big Jake's was fantastic and Coach Bielema spoke for about 30 minutes on the past and the future of the football team. Coach Bielema appears to have brushed up on his auctioneer skills from his previous visit. Watch the video below of Coach Bielema auctioning off a football.

There was a silent auction as well. It was one of those "Everyone Wins" auctions meaning that everyone who bids wins the item but the bids increase each time by $5 or more so it is best to be the first. I also found out last night that whoever bids first gets the option to take the display item home that night. Everyone else gets their items mailed to them. The live auction was fun, too. They auctioned off a framed photo with some key moments of previous football years and a wooden rocker. I bid on everything until it went out of my price range, which didn't take long.