This story is so ridiculously sad. What kind of people do we have working at our schools that would be so mean to a child like this? The cafeteria worker dumped the boy's food because he did not have enough money to pay for the breakfast. A whopping thirty-cents short and no soup for you! That was funny on Seinfeld but there is no humor in it when it happens to a kid.

Here is the story according to ABC News:

School Trashes Kid's Breakfast Because He Was 30 Cents Short

A 12-year-old middle school student in Texas had just gotten his breakfast from the cafeteria when an employee took it from him, dumped it in the trash, and sent him to class – because he was 30 cents short in paying for it.

The school claims they were just following policy.

The boy's mother, Jennifer Castilleja, says the school's policy needs to be changed because she doesn't think kids should have to start their day hungry – and also shouldn’t be embarrassed with a public meal-trashing in front of their friends.