Do you have an old Toys R Us gift card laying around and thought this thing is worthless. Well, you might be in luck.

Bed Bath And Beyond said it will exchange those old Toys R Us gift cards for Bed Bath And Beyond Gift cards. With the closing of all of the Toys R Us around the United States, this comes as good news for a few folks, because if you are like I am there always seems to be an old gift card hanging around somewhere.
There is a couple of conditions.
1. The Toys R Us card has to have at least a $20 value on it, or left on it.
2. They will exchange it for a Bed Bath And Beyond card but the value will not be exact it will vary. For example a $100 Toys R Us Card will only get you about $64 on a Bed Bath and Beyond Card.

You can use your card at the remaining open Toys R Us stores until April 21, the Bossier city location is still open, but their website is already shut down.


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