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Gift Card Exchange
Did you get gift cards at Christmas and you don't like the shop or eat at that particular place? How would you like to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash or trade it for a card that you will use?
Gift Card Exchange
We have all had this dilemma. You get those gift cards at Christmas, that you don't want or need, what do you do? How would you like to sell your unwanted gift card for cash, or even trade it for an amazon gift card.
$1000 Gift Card For The Person That Needs It
I was so surprised to get a gift card for $1000 in the mail to go toward a hearing aid. I double checked the envelope and sure enough, it had my name on it. I do not have a hearing impairment.
If you want this gift card as well as the other coupons for hearing aid supplies, just let me know. If I get…
Unload Your Gift Cards Now
Even though they are saying the recession is over, there is still some fall out for retail stores. Its time for you to spend those gift cards you have been hanging on to before they are worthless.