With January coming to a close, how many of your 'New Years Resolutions' have you stuck with? For me there were two that were very important to me, being better organized and saving more money.

There is a very easy to do way for you to actually save money and stick to at least one of your resolutions. The 52 Week Challenge will have you saving $5000 by the end of the year and it is so simple.

In this plan you set aside $20 the first week of the year, then it goes to $35 for week two, and the third week it gets s little easier with $45 going into savings then week four is the killer with a 125 deposit.

If that seems like way to much to put away there is another way to do this challenge that will be easier on your pocketbook.  This method is popular in Maine and the northeast and is easier for most folks and you will still  net you  $1378 savings for the end of the year.

Start off with $1 for the first week. Then the second week of the year it is just $2, then $3 for the third week and so forth. Since we are well into January you need to just go ahead and throw $10 in there to get on track.

So get to it, It is just a little out of your pocket but who wouldn't like an extra $1387 in your pocket?

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