Despite being blown up and, presumably, dying at the end of last year's Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor has inexplicably survived another four full decades and made it to 1984. Don't worry: He looks just as confused about this as the rest of us.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins confirmed Trevor, played by Chris Pine, would return for the DC blockbuster's sequel via Twitter on Wednesday (June 13), promptly imploding the lion's share of the internet that watched him sacrifice himself on a (seemingly!!) fatal plane ride last summer.

"Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor! #WW84" she wrote, also revealing the less important but still noteworthy detail that the film will be titled Wonder Woman 1984.

In a second photo, shared by star Gal Gadot, Princess Diana can be seen standing Big Brother-style in front of a block of technicolored TV screens. But this seems unrelated to the whole Trevor-rising-from-the-dead thing, so let's get back to more pressing questions.

Wonder Woman 2 photos

Viewers will recall that, last we saw, Trevor had embarked on a heroic suicide mission to prevent a deadly gas from being used in the war. We didn't explicitly see him die on-screen, but it was pretty heavily implied, which begs the question: How the hell did he wind up in 1984 rocking an army green jumpsuit and looking as if he hasn't aged a day?

Because Wonder Woman exists within the boundless vacuum of the comic book universe, there are any number of ways Trevor could be brought back. Maybe he's a clone, or an alternative version of himself from another dimension. Perhaps someone (one of the gods?) has saved him via time travel or resurrected him anew, or maybe he's merely a figment of a still-grieving Diana's imagination.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until November 1, 2019 (yep, over year from now!!) to find out. In the meantime, check out everything we know about Wonder Woman 2 — sorry, Wonder Woman 1984 — so far.

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