Who has the best margarita in town? Today is National Margarita Day and we wanted to know where to find the best margarita.

We asked the question on Wednesday and here are just some of your answers.

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After Tallying the votes here are your top five places for the best margaritas.

5. In fifth place is the new Loca Luna Mexican Restaurant. Located just off of Richmond Road in Texarkana.

4. In fourth place is Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant is known for its steaks and rolls but you said the peach margarita is hard to beat.

3. In third place is On The Border. With choices like the Borderita, the 1800 Mercedes, Coronarita, Classic, Strawbrrrita, Mango Tango, Perfect Patron to name just a few of the many margaritas offered there.

2. Zapata's Texarkana's Mexican restaurant gem in downtown has some of the best margaritas in town and the food is truly an experience.

1. And guess who is in the first place? Fuzzy's Taco. With great Baja inspired food the margaritas make this place a must go to for a truly unique Mexican food experience.

Who else needs to be on the list. Let us know in the comments.

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