We want to know who has the best barbeque in Texarkana. Last week I did a story of the most popular food in each state, and the winner for Texas was barbeque.

So, of course, I asked you the listeners who had the best barbecue in town and you did not disappoint.


The list had a few surprises on it like the place out in Leary by the Loves Truckstop, and Clay Alexander has a big following but he may need to bring some BBQ by the station for me to try out and see what makes him popular.
I decided to see how your favorites stack up against Yelp in the barbecue category and here are their top 5 places in Texarkana.

5. Smokey Joe's Barbeque in Nash.

4. JD's Ribshack

3. Snappy's Bar B Q. I'm not sure this place is even open anymore. It is listed on Robison Rd. In Texarkana.
2. Big Jakes Bar B Que.

1. Naamans BBQ

Who do we need to add to this list?

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