Are you reluctant to smile because your teeth are slightly stained?For several months, I have been debating on whether or not to buy a teeth whitening kit so my teeth will look fresh, bright and white.

According to an article in the December issue of Eating Well Magazine, there are "7 natural remedies for whiter teeth that you may already have in your kitchen," states Jacqueline Lanigan D.M.D.

I was not surprised by many of the items on the list, but increasing my consumption of raw broccoli did pique my interest. I knew broccoli was high in fiber and reduced inflammation when eaten in any form. However, when eaten raw broccoli adds many other benefits, such as cleaning and polishing your teeth.

It was news to me that the iron content of this vegetable plays a part in protecting your teeth from the acid produced by bacteria which in turn breaks down the enamel on teeth and causes cavities. I am definitely going to add raw broccoli to my salads a couple of times a week so I can gain the many benefits of eating this multifaceted vegetable!